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“Never fear to imagine. And never fear the unimaginable. For it is within those boundaries that improvement lies.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert (Click to Tweet)

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“New Advice About Imaging

How To Better Improve Negotiation Skills”

People don’t realize they’re always negotiating.

Question: What is good negotiation imaging? Answer: It is controlling a body of processes one imagines succeeding in advance of events to improve negotiation outcomes.

Question: What is bad negotiation imaging? Answer: One imagines a body of negative belief processes that leads to thoughts of failure in a negotiation outcome. One improves your negotiation skills; the other can move you mentally towards dismay.

People seek numerous ways to improve their negotiation skills. Have you considered how to do so through imaging? Imaging is one way top performers increase their skills. And you can use it to improve your negotiation skills, too.

What follows are techniques you can utilize to increase your negotiation skills by using your imagination and imaging.

Imagery Concepts

Question: What is real? Is it the perception you have while awake? And, are the perception of events you have while asleep real?

You may think, well, reality does not occur while I am sleeping. I would respond that when you dream, the emotional sensations you experience appear and feel real because they are. They are genuine to you. You are in the moment of their occurrences.

That is the beauty of imaging. Your imagination allows you to experience a sense of reality before you are in the situation that you are imagining.

Positive imagery is a psychological enhancement technique. It is a way of programming your mind and body into synchronous conformity. It allows you to stimulate your senses to create a positive experience about an outcome you seek. And the use of imagery is a proven scientific manner of doing so.

How To Use Imaging To Improve Negotiation Skills

Before entering a negotiation, know the best-case options for your desired outcome. Then, use your imagination to create what-if scenarios to assess what obstacles you might have to overcome to achieve that outcome.

Enhance your imagination with imagery – assessing through imagery sensations what might occur and how you and your negotiation counterpart will respond. The better you can perform this task, the better equipped you will become to create the winning outcome you seek.

You will still need to develop good negotiation strategies. But with imaging, you will be further ahead to negotiate better while improving your negotiation skills.

So, how do you use imaging, and what are the benefits? 

1. Imaging will help alleviate your feelings of anxiety. That will be due to you going through the process of imagery and simulating the anxious emotions you might experience before they occur. Then, during the negotiation, should a situation arise that causes you to dread, your mind and body will respond better – the problem will not feel as threatening since you have dealt with it during your imaging process. 

2. Create a mental script of how your negotiation will flow – this can stem from your plans during your planning session. Imagine the high and low points. Focus on what they may be and how you feel. To improve your negotiation skills, assess how your opposition might feel, too. What might they experience during your highs and lows? Imagine how you will engage them during those stages.

3. Focus on the positive aspects of the image you create. If you observe negativity seeping into your imagery at that point, forbid it. Do not allow it to seek refuge in your thoughts at that time.

Nevertheless, if you sense strong negative emotions during your imaging, at some point, address them. They may be the keeper of subliminal thoughts seeking your attention to detail or some sublime urgency. And that may be calling from your intuition.

4. To improve your negotiation skills, acquire heightened imaging skills. Do that by creating the habit of imaging before every negotiation you engage.

For added practice and performance enhancement, involve imagery in other realms and aspects of your activities. Doing so will heighten your imaging abilities.

5. Since imaging can be a funnel that lights the path to your negotiation insightfulness, it should improve your confidence, which should enhance your sense of motivation for a better negotiation outcome.

Those are a few ways you can use imaging to improve your negotiation skills. To enhance your skills further, use imaging to create more ways to do so. You will be practicing in real-time, and you will also gain insights by increasing your negotiation skills. That will be a win-win for you.


What you imagine, you think. And the way you think determines how you feel and the actions you engage. By using imaging to think about how you feel, you can detour the course upon which negative emotions might otherwise lead you. Without imaging and imagination, you will never fully succeed in thinking about accomplishing your goals or addressing the unimaginable.

Thus, I suggest you use imaging to control your thoughts and the negotiation outcomes you seek. Let that be one of the ways you use to improve your negotiation skills. And everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating! 

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