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“Positive mind power dies when choked by negative thoughts.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert (Click to Tweet)

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“Your Mind Power Advice

How To Improve It To Win More Negotiations”

People don’t realize they’re always negotiating.

Question: What are your thoughts about mind power – the way you think – the source of empowerment or weakness that leads to your actions? And what do you consider to be the most potent tool you have in your negotiation arsenal? Is it a go-to strategy that helps you escape the threat of a negotiation impasse? Or is it a technique you display through body language that you use to forestall a plight you seek to avoid? Regardless of your answer, if you do not consider your mind’s power your most vital tool, you might miss out on better negotiation outcomes.

The following insights will allow you to understand why you may be missing more significant negotiation outcomes. You will discover how to modify your thought process. And why sometimes you may not have a winner’s mind when you negotiate. It all stems from your mind power. Continue, and you will increase the power of your mind when you negotiate.

Your Mind Power Before Negotiation

Before you enter a negotiation, your mind will be the catalyst that moves and endows you with a winning attitude. Or it will be the slayer of thoughts that burdens you with doubt and inconsistent actions.

Whatever your beliefs about not being a good negotiator or disliking the fact that you have to negotiate, get your negative thoughts under control. Eliminate the non-productive thoughts – they are not serving you.

To succeed in negotiation, you must have your self-worth perspective in check, which originates from the perceived power of your mind. I say the perceived power because if you believe you have it, you do. Conversely, if you do not think you have it, you do not.

If you enter into a negotiation with a defeatist mindset, your mind will strive to ensure you receive the outcome you set for it. Another way of stating that is your mind will be the compass directing your actions to the negative results you set for it.

Therefore, before entering negotiations, engage your power mind. And remember, if you think you can become a success or failure, you are right. Your mind will be the determining factor that sets the sails of your journey.

Understanding The Dynamics

Before entering into any negotiation, engage your power mind. To do that, you should seek to understand the dynamics that will shape the talks and the negotiation process, along with its flow. You can gain that insight by knowing what power sources will impact the negotiation occurrences.

The more you understand those sources, the greater will become the opportunity to wrap your mind around them. That will be due to your additional mind control about how the negotiation will unfold. Then, you will have greater control over your mind based on the dynamics that will control it. That will enhance your ability to control your mental state of mind and your mind power.

Your Mind Power During Negotiation

If you are dealing with situations you had not considered during your negotiation, you most likely did not plan appropriately. But it is not too late at that point to recover. Remember, you have a power mind. To engage it, do not display stress or agitation. Doing so outwardly or inwardly will dampen your ability to think better.

Never become flustered to the degree that you exhibit an out-of-control mind. Doing that will decrease your chances of a successful negotiation outcome.

How To Gain Greater Mind Power During Negotiation

What happens when the opposing negotiator disrupts your plans during negotiations? Depending on how and what occurred, you may panic. If that happens, your thought process will become sluggish. You will most likely draw your attention to the cause of the problem and less towards its solution.

During negotiation, to enhance your mind power, when an unanticipated occurrence happens, do not panic. Instead, go into calm mode. Place your mind in a state of quietness before reacting outwardly. Being able to control yourself in this manner will allow you to exude more confidence without burdening your mind with thoughts of disaster.

To gain mind power, always plan for the outcome you seek. Include in your plans the strategies you will use to bring the negotiation under your control should you sense the loss of it. No negotiation goes 100% according to expectations. So, the better you prepare for the hiccups, the easier you will be able to soothe them.


If you realize that you are in a bubble during your negotiation and cannot think right to acquire clarity, step out of it. And the way to do that is by using your power mind. That source will give you a new sense of empowerment and, hopefully, a better perspective. You will set the course for your negotiation to a better destination – a destination by the name of a successful outcome. And everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating! 

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