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“Powerful Persuasion How To Boost And Increase Negotiations”

No matter her persuasion efforts, nothing seemed to increase her negotiation position. And the negotiations had extended over numerous sessions. She thought, if we don’t close this deal, we could be out of business. The negotiation was that dire! It had to bear fruit.

When was the last time you found yourself in a dire negotiation – one where everything was on the line? If you’re past your teenage years, more than likely, you’ve had such experiences. During such times, did you consider the impact that persuasion had on the negotiation and its outcome? Did you even think of the persuasion techniques you’d use before, during, and after your exchange of positions with others? You should have – because doing that would have altered the course and outcome of the negotiation.

The following are better ways to use persuasive techniques and how to implement them to enhance your negotiation efforts.

Shape The Mind – Mold The Perception:

Most people are persuaded to conformity by group thinking, acting, and adherence to what they listen to, and by those that they view as authority figures. Thus, to shape the mind of those that you wish to become your followers, you must mold their perception. The stimulation of that source may occur from figures seen on TV, heard on the radio or podcasts. They may even arise from those whose writing they observe in magazines and articles that they deem as possessing relevant content about insights that interest them. And that’s where your opportunity to mold their perception lies. You must be seen and heard in the mediums through which your targets have their perspectives molded.

The point is, to increase your chances of influencing the thoughts and actions of others, they must perceive you as someone with authority. They must view you as a person that possesses respected dominance in a domain that’s relevant to them. That perception will allow the recipient of your actions to become swayed by your suggestions, demands, or edicts.

So, what steps should you consider to shape the mind and mold the perception of those you wish to persuade?

1. Casting Friend/Foe – Before your initial encounter with your target, determine if they should fear or like you. The cliché that comes to mind is, “It’s better to be feared than loved.” And that’s true in some cases.

2. Once you’ve determined the demeanor to cast, assess the leaders in your target’s spectrum that will be most influenced by it, and gear your efforts at controlling those leaders. The linking of your persona to those already known as influencers by your target will eventually convey a sense of, they’re on board, and I’m just like them – so I should be too.

3. Project and play your role in the venues in which your actions influence others. The goal is to allow them to ingrain in their minds who you are and what you’re willing to do to acquire the outcome you seek.

Reward – Congruency:

Consistency is the glue that holds your persona together. Thus, you must be mindful of projecting a consistent character, no matter the environment. If you’re generally amenable in some situations on some days and more demure during others, you’ll be sending an incongruent message. Even if you extend an agreeable attitude to those that accept your influence and chastise those that don’t, you’ll emit the signal of rewarding those that adhere to your wishes and punishing those that dismiss it.  

The point is, you should reward those that accept your leadership and seek ways to disfavor those that challenge it. The amount of discord you allow is something you’ll have to address based on the degree of tolerance you have for non-conformity. And, the overarching message is, you’ll become rewarded by being consistent. So, be consistent in how you present yourself.

Conformity – Using Social Pressure:

Social pressure influences people. The factor that you should consider is, what form of social pressure you’ll use to control those that you wish to curry favor with, and what elements you’ll use to dissuade those that oppose you. You might:

1. Praise those that seek recognition in forums that would allow your target to experience the highest degree of pride.

2. Demean and denigrate those that oppose you in mediums that will have the most effect. To enhance this process, seek some from their clan to use as examples. If admonished forcefully, it’ll set a precedent that others will not want to incur.

3. Leave an open path that dissenters can use to move towards you. And create a pit of hell for those that would continuously defy you. The more you can control the impact that others experience from social pressure, the more control you’ll have over them.

4. Use your target influencers as your unwitting allies. Do that by exploiting their weaknesses as leverage points to entice or dissuade your target from adopting positions based on those that they see their influencers taking.

Nurture Continuing Compliance:

Once your target acquiesces to your demands, concessions, and desires, inspire them to continue their allegiance. You can accomplish that by doling out favors or granting requests that are slightly outside of what’s normal (do this with allies to display the extension of your generosity for those that follow your edicts). The fact is, once you’ve sought and acquired someone’s adherence to your demands, seduce them to promote their continued loyalty. It’s easier for them to meet your future requests – the more they meet your current ones. Because psychologically speaking, people naturally seek consistency. And that’s the reason you must encourage continuing compliance with your requests.  


In all of your negotiations, there’s a power factor that sways the entities involved to move in one direction versus another. To be more powerful, you must increase your abilities of persuasion. Consider implementing the thoughts mentioned, how you’ll apply them, along with when you’ll achieve them. That will give you an increase in your advantage. And everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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