Solutions for Defusing Anxiety Charged Negotiations

When you negotiate and encounter turmoil, chaos, or any negativity that causes anxiety, how do you defuse the situation? Being able to alter the course of a negotiation that’s infused with anxiety, is a very important skill to possess and have in your negotiation arsenal. Being able to answer the question of how you defuse anxiety charged negotiations gives you insight into how much you know about yourself, when negotiating.

Depending upon the negotiation characteristics you possess, you may want to consider the following.

If you’re someone that is dogmatic or quick to anger …

Before entering into a negotiation, assess situations that may anger you. Create solutions outlining how you will address those situations and be prepared to apply them in the negotiation.

If you’re confronted in the negotiation by a situation that you have not anticipate and you find yourself ‘losing your cool’, call a ‘time out’ and get away from the negation table. Physically and mentally, step away until you’ve regained composure.

If you’re someone that doesn’t like turmoil …

If you negotiate with someone that thrives off anxiety, put the other negotiator ‘on notice’, from the outset of the negotiation. Let him know you don’t like anxiety filled negotiations. In essence, you’ll be giving him insight into your style of negotiating and setting the stage for how you wish him to interact in the negotiation.

To enhance your style of negotiating, where and when possible, seek those individuals who are better aligned to your style of negotiating.

Think of recent negotiation situations that you encountered that were filled with anxiety. How did you defuse them? You did something. Even if you just walked away, or gave in feeling like someone had taken advantage of you, you did something. What could you have done differently? I’d love to hear from you. To the degree you’re able to successfully combat anxiety filled negotiations, you’ll keep the negotiation moving towards a successful outcome … and everything will be right with the world.

The Negotiation Tips Are

  • Anytime you encounter a negotiation situation that doesn’t appeal to you, consider hitting the ‘reset button’. This comes in the form of playing back the situation that created the anxiety, to the other negotiator, and asking him if he meant to convey the position you find charged with anxiety. If he says no, you’ve defused the situation. If he maintains the point that created the anxiety, be prepared to take appropriate actions to thwart his position.
  • Depending upon the negotiation characteristics of the other negotiator, you may consider appealing to ‘fairness’. Be sure the other negotiator perceives ‘fairness’ as a worthwhile value to possess, otherwise, this ploy will be ineffective.
  • To gain an advantage prior to entering into a negotiation, when possible, choose with whom you negotiate and seek those that negotiate in a similar style as you.
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