To Negotiate Successfully, timing is Everything

When you negotiate, do you consider how the timing of your offers influences the negotiation? In order to position your offers to have the greatest probability of being accepted, they should be presented in the right time frame within the negotiation.

The time frame is more appropriate when

  1. The other negotiator is in a conciliatory mode
  2. The negotiation is in a ‘fun’ mode (a mode where the other negotiator is not stressed, due to strain occurring in the negotiation)
  3. You exchange a chit perceived by the other negotiator as being cashed in when he is susceptible to redeeming the chit
  4. Trust has been established in the negotiation, it’s felt by both negotiators, and the offer is perceived to be in the best interest of everyone involved in the negotiation
  5. The other negotiator feels he’s received the better part of the negotiation and would like to make the negotiation more equitable
  6. There’s bewilderment being expressed or conveyed by the other negotiator (This may appear to be in conflict with statement number 2, but, if the other negotiator is experiencing stress, because he’s hopelessly lost in the negotiation, your proposed solution to the impasse may reduce or eliminate that stress, thus placing the other negotiator in a more receptive mode to accept your offer)
  7. You observe the body language of the other negotiator that indicates she’s in a receptive mode for the advancement of your offerings (leaning forward while smiling, a twist of the head coupled with an inquisitive look, can give insight into the mental state of mind of the other negotiator)

When negotiating, if you time the presentation of your offers appropriately, you’ll find negotiating to be easier and more enjoyable. If you reach an impasse during the negotiation, consider restoring, rebuilding, and reviving the negotiation by presenting your offers in a more appropriate time frame. In so doing, you’ll enhance the negotiation process and have your efforts met with more favorable negotiation outcomes … and everything will be right with the world.

The Negotiation Tips Are

  • People are defined by their memories. As such, when negotiating, if you reach an impasse in the negotiation, another ploy to employ is to put the other negotiator into a more positive frame of mind, prior to presenting your offer. To do that, get him to talk and reminisce about more pleasant experiences.
  • Be less discouraged and more determined when negotiating. Remember, negotiating is a game of give and take. If your offers are perceived as being beneficial to the other negotiator, they’ll be more readily accepted. Just remember, timing is everything in a negotiation.
  • When an impasse is encountered in a negotiation, remember ‘no’ only means ‘no’ for the moment. Allow proper timing to enhance your negotiation opportunities.
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