“Tension – Have Belief in Yourself”




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Tension in Life and Negotiations


“Tension – Have Belief in Yourself”


Chinese Proverb: “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” Have belief in yourself to choose wisely.


What unnecessary tension are you allowing to make you something other than what you want to be?


Tension is caused by the lack of, insight, direction, money, happiness, (you fill in the blank).

The point is, in order to perceive a ‘lack of’ you have to first have a sense of scarcity. Even to the degree that you’re not sure of the right direction in which to go, where the next dollar will come from, the insight needed to do … whatever, you still don’t have to infuse yourself with a debilitating mindset that creates tension. Tension leads to stress and stress can be a killer. Do you want to live? If so, control the tension that you allow in your life by eliminating sources that create it. Have belief in yourself. You were meant for a higher purpose. Have belief in yourself. When others attempt to create tension in your life, have belief in yourself and disallow it from occurring. Even when you have to walk in the darkness do so knowing that you’ll find the light. Have belief in yourself. As we know, the light resides in the truth and the truth will set you free if you have belief in yourself. Once you adopt an unshakeable belief in yourself everything will be right with the world.



What does this have to do with negotiations?


In a negotiation, you have to display the belief in yourself to the degree that you convince the other negotiator that she should follow your lead. If you cast doubt about yourself, you’ll be viewed as someone that’s unsure, which will cause the other negotiator to question to what degree you can be trusted and/or deliver upon what you say you’ll do. Belief in one’s self at the negotiation table can be emitted via one’s body language in both a verbal and nonverbal manner. So, especially at the negotiation table, always convey a strong sense of belief in yourself and your abilities. To do otherwise is to invite unnecessary challenges which could prolong the negotiation. If you display belief in yourself you’ll be displaying confidence. You’ll be less likely to be challenged to the degree that otherwise might have been the case … and everything will be right with the world.


Remember, you’re always negotiating!








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