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“This Is The Most Horrific Negotiation Dirty Trick Trap” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

“A dirty trick becomes horrific when you’re the one trapped by it.” -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert (Click to Tweet)

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“This Is The Most Horrific Negotiation Dirty Trick Trap”

When you think of a dirty trick, be it in a negotiation or other environment, what thoughts come to mind? Do the words, misleading, threatening, smearing, or deception conjure up negative images? If so, you’re not alone.  

It’s not a mess, but it’ll do until the mess gets here. Those were the sentiments of someone that was going to plant a false story about an individual surreptitiously. The story was not true, but those that would hear it didn’t know that. And, by the time the truth was known, the purpose of the falsehood would have served its purpose.

It was an outright lie! And it was stated to disqualify him so a friend of the committee member could get the contract. This tactic is one of the oldest negotiation tricks and one that’s most effective. A member of a team, a surrogate, a plant, makes a statement about someone that’s not on the committee or task force, knowing their absence means the person can’t defend themselves. Harm befalls the individual the moment the lie is delivered. Because those making the assessment hears the false statement, which causes them to question an aspect of the subject of the myth – and those making the assessment have their mind swayed, altered, manipulated. Credibility about the subject’s character is cast, which is the intent of the comment. You see it in relationships, politics, and business.

In negotiations and other aspects of life, that’s a trick some people use to trap unsuspecting individuals. It’s also an underhanded method of persuasion that some devious people use to alter the perception of those with whom they’re dealing. It’s a sneaky malicious way to accomplish their goals that can leave you in a dangerous vortex of chance.

So, how might you defend yourself when you’re not sure if someone will sully your name or when it might occur? Here are a few thoughts to consider to combat it.

Combating Dirty Tricks:

Projecting Consistent Persona:

There’s one way to begin insulating yourself from insidious individuals that attempt to cast you into the abyss as a villain. And that’s to project an image displaying you and your demeanor as possessing a certain kind of character. By consistently projecting the same persona, when others hear negative statements about you, they’ll be more inclined to disbelieve them. And doubt will be cast upon the perpetrator that peddles such falsehoods. You will have gotten a twofer. That would be the protection of your good name and the disdain for someone that would attack you behind your back.

Flip The Script:

If you suspect someone may attempt to torpedo you before it occurs, you may consider being proactive. Do that by letting your associates know that some people have been spreading malicious statements about you, and others may attempt to do so. Further state that you believe they’re doing that to position you in a bad light. Then, intimate that they may be doing that to enhance their situation at your expense.

With that, you will put folks on alert about negative comments made about you. And you would have positioned the perpetrator’s attempts as nothing more than a sham. So, if you become aware of others using this ploy against you, consider implementing a strategy that lets them know that you’re aware of their mischievousness. And then decide when, where, and how you’ll respond.  

To The Dirty Trickster:

The Truth About Lies:

Lies tend to be more persuasive in moving someone’s opinion because it bombards the mind more than the truth. And those lies can shift someone’s beliefs in one unintended direction versus another. Because when someone makes a truthful statement, and others accept it as being honest, it does not call-out to someone’s dark side. Thus, a lie appears to be more sinister. It’s akin to hearing a gruesome story and being riveted by it.  

While telling lies can be an effective form of persuasion, it can also be the devil’s fork upon which you become impaled. Thus, if you choose to use this form of manipulation, be mindful of the road you walk.

Cost Of Your Deeds:

If you’re someone that dithers in dirty tricks, consider altering your posture now. Realize that one day, your dirty tricks will trap you. It’s not if, it’s when. And as history has shown time and again, the cost for exposing others to dirty trickery can be a very cumbersome cost to bear. So, before you engage in mischief, think about your future and what you may forgo for your deeds.


People use a multitude of ways to persuade others to think a certain way about someone. They do that through the words they choose to paint the picture of a particular individual. Watch the picture they paint of you.

Whatever strategy you choose to combat those that set traps for you, consider the impact that your response will have. Reflect on who your actions may help or hurt. And remember that you’re always negotiating. Thus, this will not be the last episode you’ll encounter when someone attempts to undermine your efforts by outright lying on you.

Therefore, be sure you measure the response used to address your hidden adversary. You may confront him in the future. So, by delivering a measured response, one that’s not too harsh, but one that’s firm, you begin setting the table for the next round to come. And everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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