“Negotiator – Motivating People Can Be Easy – Just Give Them Hope“

Motivating people is easy. Just infuse them with hope, and give them the tools to believe in themselves. Then, provide support by showing them how to use those tools. -Greg Williams, The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert (Click to Tweet)

When implementing policy, strategy, or procedures that you want people to adopt, you must motivate them. You can accomplish that by giving them hope that your request is in their best interest. If you don’t, or they don’t see value in following your proposition, motivating them will be daunting, if at all possible. Embrace the following insights to get others to support your requests, and they will be quicker to accept the actions you set for them.


Be mindful of how you’re attired, your mannerisms, and the words you use when speaking. Because others will make assumptions about you and your motives based on the subliminal messages they receive. And that will impact the willingness they extend for you to lead them or avert your directives. To that end, understand what’s proper for the environment you’re in and comport yourself appropriately. 


Unless you expect the unexpected, you’ll never observe it. Therefore, be keenly aware of those that plot in secret. Because they work in darkness for a purpose. And more than likely, that purpose won’t serve you.


During interactions with adversaries or those aligned with you, be aware of the silent signals you send via your body language. Your slightest grimace at an inopportune moment will momentarily flash your disdain about a subject’s discussion. And that can sway someone’s perception of your likeability. If the likeability factor is missing or contrary, you’ll have a harder time trying to convince someone to follow you.

Even if someone assails your position, keep your cool. That is, keep it unless you’re in an environment where such a slight is expected to be met by a stern rebuttal or some other action that allows others to think, I would have done the same thing. Your task is to make others see themselves in you and your position. That will be the allure that attracts them to bond with you.

Replicate Online And Offline Platforms:

Have you observed how social media platforms get people to engage with others? They do so by letting you know when others have tagged you in a post, picture, or article. Thus, the more people involved in a thread of information, the more nudges you’ll receive about the thoughts and comments of others that may include you. That procedure impacts your curiosity. Natural inquisitiveness will heighten the desire in most people to investigate what someone has stated about them. Because they want to know what others are saying – especially if it may be salacious.

You can use the same process to move people to embrace your ideas and direction. To do that, filter the information that others see by feeding them the positive statements that others are making about your position. The more positive comments people see, the more swayed they’ll become to accept your view. In social media, you can use the platform that’s easiest to control. But social media is not your only controlling point to consider.

You can use any platform to manage your message. Thus, it doesn’t have to be social media. It can be something as simple as posting flyers in prominent places that depicts positive sentiments about your position. All you have to do is have control over the process and what people see. That will influence the way they think.

Digital Trace:

There’s a plethora of digital information that awaits your uncovering. And if you uncover savory nuggets, that’s another way to shift the perspective that others have of your adversary. If you choose to use such information to advantage your position, before doing so, make sure that information will move your opponents’ supporters. And remember that a smart foe will attempt to gather information about you from digital trace information too. So, keep yourself away from controversy today that might negatively impact someone’s perception of your character tomorrow.

Getting People To Follow Your Request:

There are three psychological factors that you must activate when coaxing others to accept your directives. If these forces are not employed, your subjects will be less likely to embrace your offerings.

Deep Psychology:

  1. Motivation – The person must want to perform the behavior.
  2. Ability – The person perceives themselves to have the ability to address your request and view it as not being difficult to do.  
  3. Trigger – You must give a call to action and remind them to address the behavior you wish them to embrace.

To be effective, you must use the three actions mentioned, motivation, ability, and trigger in the same request. The formula is, behavior, equals motivation, plus ability, plus a trigger. Therein will lie how you can use psychological motivators to entice more people to embrace your requests or demands.

Using Other People’s Words:

To enhance your position, consider using the words of others about the direction you wish people to adopt. You can couch those words from a positive or negative perspective. As an example, if you want people to move closer to your position, cite the words an influencer used to talk about a stance that’s similar to yours. If seeking to decrease the probability of people challenging your opinion, recite the words of doom that a prominent figure made. In either case, you can strengthen your point by using third-party sentiments. Thus, ponder this, and other tactics you can employ, that’ll influence the thoughts of those you wish to impact. 


When people speak, a silent rider accompanies their words, which conveys hidden information about their inner thoughts. And those silent signals can undermine the intent their words were meant to report. Hence, what someone says can be perceived to have different meanings based on the words they use, and their mannerisms. And that impacts the perception that others have of them.

Always keep the insights mentioned in mind. By doing so, you’ll be better positioned to entice people to follow, embrace, and accept your leadership and directions … and everything will be right with the world. 

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

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