Men and Women Do It Differently — Digital Download


Discover subtle and not-so-subtle differences in how men and women negotiate that can make or break a deal. Then get techniques to address those differences so you can become a more effective, confident and successful negotiator.

Greg Williams and Mary Redmond share the top 10 key differences between men and women that can influence negotiation outcomes. They reveal techniques that you can immediately use to address and capitalize on those differences. You’ll become a more effective, confident and successful negotiator!

You will learn:

  • Ways to use nonverbal cues: your eyes, hands, arms, and even the space around you.
  • ​Pacing, tonal inflection and speed make a difference.
  • ​Words that empower, move negotiations forward and build trust.
  • ​Ways to handle rude and pushy negotiators.​
  • ​When to regroup, refuel and renegotiate.

​You will benefit if:

  • ​Conflict situations leave you feeling powerless and ineffective.
  • ​The word “negotiate” makes you run for the door.
  • ​You need to get past the “No” and close deals.
  • ​You want more control over your verbal and nonverbal messages.
  • ​You want to improve your skills for career advancement.


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